How green is our Field?
On the Farm
We're the Larkin's -- Fintan, Jennifer and our sons Ronan, Enda and Darragh.  All of us are involved in the production of Glen Field Rapeseed Oil.
Enda filling the Bottles
Darragh capping the Bottles
Ronan applying labels to the Bottles
At Glen Field we like to take care of the environment. 
Cleaning the seed, pressing the oil, filtering and bottling can be demanding on electricity, so we have installed a C&F wind turbine which takes care of all our energy needs for the plant and our dwelling house.
The turbine is another great example of a top class Irish product.
Not alone are we carbon neutral, you could say we are carbon minus because as the crop
grows it absorbs carbon from the atmosphere. This more than compensates for any carbon
footprint down the line in terms of getting the oil to the shops.
The rise in popularity of oilseed crops in Ireland should lead to an increase  in the bee population.
Bees are a vital part of the pollination of the plant in the summer, this contributes to a bigger population of pods on each plant, in return the bees have access to plenty of nectar,
It is not uncommon for farmers to keep  beehives for this purpose, and as an added bonus plenty of honey - another natural product for the shop shelf.
Back to our Roots
This is a picture of my father taken many years ago when his family use to thresh on contract for farmers in the locality. I  guess we know where we the passion and love  for machinery and farming comes from.
The steam engine is still going. It is now in Co. Carlow, and is one of  the oldest steamers in Ireland.
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